stay a while, and listen
stay a while, and listen


*wakes up at 3am in a cold sweat*

nicholas cage was going to be aragorn


Dill with it!

Amazing X-Men #8


Thank you Pokemon for summing up my whole college experience

my useless wonderful gf lets us fall asleep with the lights and the tv on and i wake up at 3 to fix everything >< but at least its the epsidode of frasier where everyone is on the ski trip trying to sleep with each other but no one was chasing frasier because he’s disgusting.

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Anonymous asked: You are so sassy and I love it Keep doin what you do

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Ellen, you glorious creature.


This Bus Is Transforming The Lives Of The Homeless


Most of us have suffered through the frustration of needing to quickly get ready for work, only to have to wait for a roommate to finish his shower. Now imagine having to share that shower with not one or two other people, but hundreds.

That’s precisely the situation facing San Francisco’s estimated6,436homeless residents, who currently have just seven places in the city where they can shower.

Motivated by the belief that everyone has the right to be clean, Doniece Sandoval foundedLavaMae, a non-profit with an innovative idea: take old, unused city buses and retrofit them with fully functioning showers for homeless people to use. Last weekend, LavaMae, a play on the Spanish word for “wash me,” launched its first mobile bus.

“Our buses were designed in consultation with homeless people,” Sandoval told ThinkProgress, a process that has taken over a year.

The interior of one of LavaMae's mobile shower buses

The interior of one of LavaMae’s mobile shower buses


For example, many homeless women expressed concern for their safety and privacy while showering. As a result, Sandoval and her team designed two individual shower pods in each bus, one of which is accessible for persons with disabilities.

Each pod includes not only a shower, but also a toilet, sink, and a space to temporarily store one’s things. Each bus will permit around 30 people to shower on a given day. Once all four buses are running, Sandoval estimates they will be able to provide more than 2,000 showers per week. (See more photos of the buses and interiorhere.)

“We’re mobile because we want to reach people where they are,” Sandoval said. In addition, “If we built a brick-and-mortar concept, it would cost a whole lot more.”

The city donated four decommissioned municipal buses to LavaMae and allows the organization to tap into fire hydrants, but retrofitting them with shower pods costs $75,000 per bus.

Funding for the buses comes from a mix of sources. LavaMae raised $58,000 from an Indiegogo campaign, as well as contributions from individuals and small private family foundations. Sandoval and her husband also put a significant amount of their own money into the project.

More at the link.


never forget

Anonymous asked: I always thought you where a cute boy but instead you're just an average looking girl.... :c


i would rather be an average looking girl than a boy any day. boys are gross.


The Argyle Sweater — Scott Hilburn

15-year-old me:  MOM I'm practically an ADULT ugggh you never let me do ANYTHING in olden times i could get MARRIED *eye roll into another dimension*
me now:  for my birthday i want food and to stay on your health insurance


Tegan with an alligator (sorry for shitty quality, first time) 



She’s not just anyone.  She’s his wife.

Sara:  I want you to listen very carefully to me right now.
Tegan:  Jesus. Tax master Sara.
Sara:  Ready? Listen. I'm very serious. I'm very serious.We've been playing music for ten years. Ten years we've been playing music. I can't tell you how excited I am that each and every one of you have come here to listen to us. But part of liking Tegan and Sara is listening to us talk. And if you don't wanna listen to us talk, I can recommend like 50 other bands that do not talk.<p>ok but i think this is supposed to say task master not tax master. </p>